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Stoocked 뷔페



This is a restaurant where you can enjoy food made with fresh ingredients carefully prepared daily at reasonable prices.

​ In a modern atmosphere, with the best service and carefully prepared food for your precious family,

Please share happy and touching moments with your lover ​.


   Breakfast: 07:00 – 10:30

(Only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and on certain days, starting on February 13, 2022)




​ Adults 27,500 won / Children 15,000 won (48 months ~ 13 years old) / Infants under 48 months free


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You can use it at a discounted rate when you make a reservation in advance, and you can use it at the regular price when you visit on the same day.

The breakfast reservation discount is only applicable to Air Sky Hotel guests.

Non-staying guests can use it at the normal rate.


Non-cancellation and non-refundable after check-in

(Cancellation and refund are not possible for package products that already include breakfast.

Free cancellation up to 3 days prior to check-in 



준서네 돌담집

저희 "준서네 돌담집"은 100% 제주 은갈치만을 사용하였으며 모든 해산물은 원해에 나간 어선이 바다에서

건져낸 즉시 급냉한 수산물 "선동"을 사용하기 때문에 더욱 신선합니다.

맙습니다 라는 감사의 마음으로

하겠습니다 라는 봉사의 마음으로

덕분입니다 라는 겸허한 마음으로

재료 구입, 손질, 조리 모든 과정을 정직하게 정성으로 준비하였습니다.  고객님들이 언제나 만족스러운

​한 끼를 드실 수 있도록 최선을 다하는 준서네 돌담집이 되겠습니다.


                                                        ·위치 : 에어스카이호텔 1층

  ·운영시간 : Open 10:30 Last Order 21:00

(Break tine 15:00~16:00 주말 공휴일은 제외)

  ·문의 : 070-8657-3581 ㅣ 032-720-6201

투숙객 5%할인 적용 됩니다. 

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